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关于lua 性能优化的几点建议

关于lua 性能优化的几点建议

Several suggestions on performance tuning:

  1. Try running your Lua scripts with luajit's -jv option to see what is aborting JIT compilation. Work-around the NYI items shown in the output.

  2. Try running your Lua scripts with the builtin low-overhead profiler, for example, with the -jp=vf20 option. See
    for details. (Ensure your Lua scripts run long enough like seconds because the profiler is based on sampling).

  3. Try generating a C-land on-CPU flame graph for the luajit process running your scripts: This graph can show CPU time distribution on a lower level, the VM level, than LuaJIT's builtin profiler (which works on the Lua code level).

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